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From Our Founders

Finding Opportunity Amongst Chaos If you’ve taken a walk down your local main street, it is likely you’ve watched a dozen brick and mortar stores gain For Lease signs in their windows. The repercussions of the coronavirus have been astronomical for small businesses. We, as a society, are not living the same way we did before March 2020 so why would the same business and marketing strategy still be successful? The only local businesses that can survive and compete with dominating forces such as Amazon, are the ones that are willing to think outside the box when it comes to digital marketing and user experience.

it is easier to do great things with great people

our founders

Mikaila and Kyle are the power couple behind Colada Marketing. When first meeting each other four years ago, they bonded over their love for marketing and now are engaged to be married in 2022. 

Mikaila Kukurudza

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Kyle Penfound

Brand Strategist & Co-Founder

behind the pineapple

The pineapple symbolizes welcome, warmth, friendship and hospitality—all qualities extremely important to Colada Marketing. 

While sitting on a beach in Bahamas three years ago, the concept for Colada Marketing was born. At the time both Kyle and Mikaila were working for separate marketing firms but had the shared realization: marketing agencies need to be simplified. Often business owners are bogged down with cryptic reports and hidden costs when finding a marketing solution should be as simple as sipping a pina colada on a beach. 

Once the concept was decided, the pair began considering the contradicting complexities of a pineapple. Ultimately deciding to simplify the fruit into just two shapes: a teal rectangle and a yellow oval.

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