Reputation is everything—this rings true for almost every business in every industry. A bad one-star review or poor word-of-mouth can hurt a brand. That’s where we come in. Unsure how to respond to a customer complaint? Stuck on how to rebrand after taking over a business? We have you covered. We work within your industry and local community to establish you and your business as the experts.

Company Reputation Matters.

We offer PR and reputation management services to help maintain and build your business’ reputation. What people say, think and feel about your brand has long-term effects on your revenue. From writing press releases and pitches to arranging influencer marketing campaigns and events, the Colada Marketing team is ready to take your brand to the next level.

brand bootcamp

For business owners and entrepreneurs who desire to be more involved in the day-to-day aspects of marketing their business, we have developed a Brand Bootcamp to help you succeed. Throughout the workshop we will be discussing everything from how to formulate a content calendar and the best posting times to weekly tasks lists to ensure your pages and ranking on the first page. Our brand bootcamp includes one-on-one consultation and a monthly check-in for three months.

brand development

Do you have a business idea but you have no idea where to start? We work with you to research your target demographic; develop your brand guideline and logo; design the website; determine your mission statement; write the copy; and develop the overall launch marketing strategy. Let us help you make your business idea into a reality this year.

customer experience

Your client’s experience is a direct factor in your business’ fiscal success. From responding to the odd bad review and designing a customer service strategy to daily customer interaction on social media, Colada Marketing is ready to be as involved as you and your business requires.

phone optimization

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