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How Colada Marketing Came To Be


Day one of colada marketing

While on a trip to Exumas, Bahamas in December 2017, Kyle and I were both working remotely for separate companies and spending the hottest part of each day and many late nights working side by side on our laptops.

Kyle was working in corporate as Head of Marketing and I was working as Creative Manager for a boutique marketing agency. As we began discussing the dilemmas we were facing internally and within the marketing industry, we began to strategize easier processes for marketing effectively.

The idea of working together professionally hadn’t ever crossed our minds; as most people will agree opening a business with your significant other is a big commitment and one that can often go south (no pun intended). But when we found ourselves working across the table from one another daily discussing ongoing campaigns and the latest social media algorithms, we thought this might actually work—remarkably, we didn’t want to kill each other.  

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You could say our setting that trip was the true inspiration behind the name and vision of Colada Marketing. The carefree, breezy lifestyle of the locals seemed so far away from the daily grind of marketing in downtown Toronto. We thought if only marketing could be that easy—nothing about marketing is on island time. That being said, it was essential to us that whatever marketing company we created kept that island feeling for our then-future clients. 

After many long walks debating and throwing around a lot of rubbish ideas, we settled on the name Colada Marketing with the slogan “The perfect blend of brand awareness and marketing solutions.” I quickly drew up a concept logo the night before we flew home.

2018 & 2019

For the next two years, Colada Marketing was a vision in the back of our minds as we gained experience in our respective areas of the marketing industry.


We will all look at the year of 2020 a little bit differently but I am sure we can agree: it changed everything. As Kyle and I watched small businesses forced to close with little online presence and no ecommerce experience, something shifting for us. There was a sense of urgency to help and finally launch Colada Marketing.

Launching The Brand

Now you are reading this in real time. Kyle and I are working across the table from another once again (this time in much colder temperatures), debating social media launch strategy and the button design with the best clickthrough rate but this time for our very own company. Everything from our logo design and the website copy to the imagery and videography is our work. Consider Colada Marketing and this website our first case study in our published portfolio.

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