The Top 5 Reasons to Use a Marketing Boutique

Why Use a Marketing Boutique Agency Vs. a Marketing Firm in Canada

The Value of a Marketing Boutique

We know the story. You broke down your time, budget and sales goals for the year and realized there’s no possible way to achieve them without bringing in a marketing agency for some serious support. You also searched for a marketing agency near you only to discover a lot of the results were massive marketing firms, talking about their Coca-Cola and Lululemon international campaigns. But how many small businesses have they helped succeed? None. Enter marketing boutique agencies.

Size matters eh? When you start to think about your marketing strategy, one of the first decisions you need to make is about your budget. How much do you want to spend on paid advertisements or on organic website traffic, and how much time will you be willing to invest yourself. Marketing firms are used to dealing with massive clients that will simply throw money at a problem. With a marketing boutique, you will have that flexibility and level of personalized service built in that allows you to build your budget focused on what truly matters to your business’ bottom line.

Marketing boutiques are typically small businesses themselves. They understand the value of a dollar and know the struggles that come with success. A common belief is that the more you spend on a marketing campaign, the greater the return will be. However, that’s not always the case. Most times being smart about a campaign or effort can lead to a much larger return on investment than if you had trusted a large share of your budget to a marketing firm that doesn’t take the time to maximize each dollar spent.

A marketing boutique will provide the exact same services, features and functionality as a marketing firm, however they will do it at a fraction of the cost. They can save you money, because they are saving money themselves. Lower overhead costs, smaller operation, more hands on approach, and a greater investment of time per employee.

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What is a Marketing Boutique Agency?

Marketing boutique agencies are typically smaller, marketing focused companies built around providing a more hands on marketing approach. They are a small business, typically with less than 3-5 employees, with a vast range of skills and capabilities that allow each employee to have a more diversified role within the company. Since a marketing boutique won’t be as large as a firm, that means they won’t have the capacity for as many clients. This means that their success largely will rely on the success of your company. They want you to succeed, because they need you to succeed. Their reputation and livelihood will depend on it, so you can be absolutely certain that they are going to give each effort 110%, regardless of your budget or goals.


Your business deserves the best. Choose a marketing boutique that will make your succes vital to their success.

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Choose a Marketing Boutique Agency Instead of a Marketing Firm


1. Marketing Boutiques are more Accountable

Big marketing firms are by definition much larger and more top heavy. They have an oversized team, with responsibilities for a client often being divided up between numerous staff members. The problem with a marketing firm is that you will never know who or what you will get. You sign up with one person, who never directly handles your workload. They haven’t seen your website’s backend, the little changes or efforts you may have made in your freetime, or whether things are effective from a user standpoint. They have a report, generated by someone else that they read to you. Chances are unless you are a major client, your actual workload is being completed by an intern or low ranking employee. Someone who has definitely not handled a small business like yours before.

When you partner with a marketing boutique, you get exactly what you expect. A very grateful welcome, typically from high ranking employees or the owners and founders themselves that will introduce you to the entire workflow, and be the ones directly working on your account. At a marketing boutique, all the employees exist in a more effective atmosphere. They each communicate with each other, strategize as a whole, build out processes and procedures that will save you money and generate better results. The entire boutique will understand your business almost as well as you, because they genuinely care and depend on your business’ success.


2. A Better Understanding of Your Business

A large marketing firm might leave you scratching your head when it comes to results. The presentation is nice, but the delivery is shallow. Monthly results come in a nice pre-packaged email, you might get an account manager or someone to walk you through and make sure you are happy, but you won’t know what they don’t tell you and they won’t tell you a lot.

When you ask a marketing firm where they went wrong, what could be improved, what efforts were a failure, often times the answer gets pushed down the road. The account manager you have been provided doesn’t know exactly what efforts have been completed and can’t begin to tell you what went wrong or how things could be improved. They don’t know your business, it is their job to sell their services to your business. So they will deflect. A marketing firm will choose to obfuscate the truth instead of just being honest, because their main concern is losing your business.

A marketing boutique, while concerned about your business as well, cares more about the efforts being completed because your business represents a bigger piece of their time. So a marketing boutique agency will value your business more by default, and as such will do everything possible to understand your motivations, tactics, clientele, and business strategies. So the next time you ask a question about the efforts being completed, you will know exactly what went right and wrong, and what efforts are being done to improve.


3. You Will Know who you are Working With

A relationship with either a marketing agency or firm is often very long lasting. You can partner with a company today and be with them for years. As long as you and your business are seeing the value and success from the campaigns, there’s no reason not to stay. The nice thing about partnering with a marketing boutique instead of firm, is that you will begin to build a much better relationship with the staff. Each employee will get to know you and your business very well, caring and believing in it the same way that you do. It becomes a passion. A marketing firm will simply treat you like a number and assign whoever they want to your account and make changes whenever they would like. The relationship is surface deep and your business matters only in so far as they are being paid.


4. Flexible Schedules and Budgets

When deciding between a marketing boutique and firm, you need to ask yourself if your business will grow, change, or need to adapt over the next month, year or decade. Do you anticipate that you might experience good months and bad months, and times when your schedule falls to all but a standstill? If so, then a marketing boutique agency will be able to accommodate you and your schedule better than a large firm. With a boutique your contracts won’t be as demanding financially. If you need to scale back efforts, cut costs, change up a strategy, or pause for a month to pay some bills, a good marketing boutique will work with you to make it happen without hesitation. Need to meet after hours? No problem either. With most marketing boutiques, workload becomes less about the 9-5 and more about the results. Need to move a meeting? Still not a problem. Boutiques will go out of their way to accommodate your schedule.


5. Innovative Techniques and Strategies

CTRL-C then CTRL-V, copy and paste. A marketing firm or large agency will often recycle efforts between countless clients. The same strategies being done on another company will just be rinsed and recycled for your business, often without any major adjustments or improvements. The innovation a firm puts into your business is often concentrated on how best to maximize their dollars earned from you. With a marketing boutique, they will concentrate their efforts and time on your business, getting to know you and establishing new, innovative methods to drive as much revenue for you as possible. If something isn’t working, a boutique will be the fastest to make changes or improve the strategy, as there is greater accountability and transparency.

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One Last Piece of Advice

A boutique marketing agency is dynamic, flexible and transparent. When you trust your business and budget to them, they dedicate themselves to you. Your success becomes a passion. With their robust networks of talent as well, they are capable of executing large scale campaigns or small local guerilla marketing efforts. A marketing agency for every small and medium business.

At Colada Marketing, we are a boutique styled marketing agency dedicated to your success. To see how marketing agencies are changing in 2021 click here. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you to help you succeed, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page or give us a call. We would be happy to set up a complimentary marketing meeting.

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